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> Новый альбом Bryan Adams
сообщение 21.2.2008, 1:47
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Канадский рокер Брайан Адамс (Bryan Adams) проведет необычную акцию в честь выхода своего нового, одиннадцатого по счету альбома, получившего вполне ожидаемый титул - «11». Дабы убедиться, что это название навсегда укоренится в памяти его слушателей, Адамс отыграет - внимание! - 11 концертов в 11 странах мира за 11 дней. В общем-то, ничего сложного, но сама идея привлекательна.

Турне стартует 7 марта в Лиссабоне и закончится 17 числа того же месяца в Копенгагене. В промежутке музыкант посетит также Барселону, Милан, Гамбург, Лондон, Париж, Амстердам, Брюссель, Цюрих и Вену. Адамс будет выступать соло, под аккомпанемент одной лишь акустической гитары.

Пластинка под названием «11» станет первым альбомом рокера с момента выпуска в 2004-м работы под названием «Room Service».

К черту ту весну нахер это небо
Если волчий вой рвется изнутри
И стучат в груди захлопываясь двери
К пропасти в дороге попутчиков не жди
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Olga Oxygen
сообщение 17.9.2008, 23:28
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(a letter) for Bryan Adams from russian fans with love

Hello, Bryan!!!
Can there be anything more awful than the situation when politics, ideology, power, smb's views and other "dirty" and "reek" things intrude into harmonious relationship? It can be worse when you are bent to someone's unconquerable will: dishonest, offhanded, peremptory one. All these we call politics - the most humiliating and repulsive word in the world. To be embroiled in the vortex of politics is like being desecrated, it's like the beginning of the obsolescence. It makes a human being an amorphous, greedy, envious, destructive creature that gets every living thing under. According to its infinite longing our world is arranged, people are formed, outlook and views are developed, governmental order and social relations are established. For quite a long period of time all the ”informed”, lacking of territory worlds considers Russia to be the aggressor who needs to be tamed, condemned and blamed. Denmark has denounced Russia’s attack to Georgia, Great Britain considers Russia’s invasion to be the unreasonable break of the territorial integrity of Georgia, Europe in general breaks free of Russian Federation; International Monetary Fund approves extending 750 mln credit which will reduce the negative influence of the conflict on Georgia’s economy which, after having wiped Tskhinvali off the face of the earth, suffered 1 billion dollars damage.

In 1994 You were the first among the western performers who appeared on stage in Vietnam after the American-Vietnamese war. It was clear to everyone that America was the aggressor in that war, and that nothing could justify the aggression; but everybody endorsed and supported Your choice to give the concert in the country having endured the US invasion.

The USA has approved its expansionist policy by the armed attacks to Iraq. In Europe it’s difficult to find a country not being involved in ”wild” and impudent American politicking against Russia, which remains the most desired but unsubdued ”prize” (both territorial and economical). No one could have conquered this land with the help of war. The centuries-old history of military operations can prove that. Nowadays the most powerful weapon is information. Mass media, like devoted but venal creatures, spread plenty of lies all over the world (though we wish we could get the truth). That’s the democracy we have nowadays! To libel, to vanish, to pervert the facts – it’s just the question of time and money. Russia, who just protected its citizens from the unwarranted Georgia’s armed attack, is shown as the aggressor by the world mass media. The politics of Saakashvili, who has shoot down 2000 innocent civilians and has wiped off the face of the earth a beautiful city, who has intruded into the people lives with bombs, is supported and approved! That’s the democracy we have nowadays!!! In Georgia people lost their lives too, but in the battle. But whot was the reason of giving their lives of 2000 unaggressive Ossetians who were shelled and fired by Georgia? Was that a sacrifice on the altar of the democracy?

In the lines of this short letter it’s practically impossible to describe what we really feel. We write it with our great and sincere love for You but with a heave heart You don’t understand us (or You don’t have the possibility to understand us). But for all our great and all-absorbing love for You and Your talent we do not support you decision to make a performance for assassins having murdered innocents of any crime. If PEACE and DEMOCRACY are not meaningless words for You, You will honour the memory of the citizens of Ossetia who lost their lives in this senseless war. We believe in You and Your right choice.

With great love. Your Russian fans.

(that's from bryanadams.ru)
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